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What to bring when traveling with a baby?

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You might have heard various nightmares from the parents about traveling with their toddlers. Whether you are traveling for the first time with your first baby or traveling for the third time with your third baby, the troubles will be the same if you are not well prepared in advance. However, even the most prepared parents might have to face hassles when traveling with kids. Therefore, we have put together our ultimate packing list and laid it out for you below in the article, to  make your life easier.

What To Bring When Traveling With A Baby?

Baby carrier

Never compromise on a baby carrier as it allows you to wander hands-free through crowds, upstairs, and on and off public transportation is such an important part of touring with a baby. Hence, it is without question the most important baby travel essential.


It is a kind of necessity in everyone’s ‘traveling with baby packing list’ as it has multiple uses. We recommend a lightweight and easy-to-carry stroller or stroller wagon for your hassle-free journey.

Baby Travel Car Seat

Whether it is a flight or a road trip, a baby seat is a must for your baby. The plane seats might not be convenient for your little one. Hence, it is wise to carry an infant car seat for a flight. We recommend avoiding heavy car seats. 

Birth Certificate or Passport

Did you know that certain airlines ask you to show your lap baby’s birth certificate? 

To be secure, We recommend you carry a copy at all times. 

Also, if you’re traveling internationally, make sure you have your baby’s passport! 

Health and Safety

Medical Kit

Don’t forget to prepare a first-aid kit with the medicines that might be needed to handle minor medical issues when traveling with your infant. It is quite advisable to take prescribed medications, even though your child needs them only on occasion.

Fill your child’s health information with an emergency sheet or save it on your mobile. The most important thing is to add the list of your child’s allergies and the medications he needs. Always keep your child’s healthcare provider’s number on your cell phone, especially when you are traveling. Then, in case you need any emergency help, you may get it in one place.


NO matter how older your kid is. A thermometer is highly recommended. Then, if a kid falls ill in the middle of the journey, you can have quick words with the doctors about his temperature to take the right action.

Mosquito Repellent

Always include it in your baby travel packing list. Choose the mosquito repellent that has no stink, no chemicals.

Hand Sanitizer

Obviously, this one is for Mom. However, we thought it worth mentioning.

Weather Precautions

Babies can have instant weather effects. Hence, it is vital to be well prepared for every weather challenge that comes with your trip. 

Baby cap

Suppose you are away from home in the hot summer. We request you to bring a hat to shade your baby from the direct sun heat. 

Sunscreen Lotion

If you are going to spend time outdoors – sunscreen lotion is a must. We recommend choosing UVB or UVA protection that has SPF-15. If the baby is younger than five months, apply a very little amount of cream on the back of his hand and face. For older babies, use it whenever the skin is exposed. If the sunscreen is spray-based, then do not use it directly on the baby’s face. Instead, spray some on your hands and rub gently on the baby. 

Baby Body lotion

Baby lotion is a must to keep your baby’s tender skin soft.

Clothes for every weather

Pack clothes as per weather’s requirements. If it’s a hot summer, take lightweight and 100% pure cotton material clothes for your baby’s comforts. For winter, the bottom needs to be cozy with a bodysuit and leggings. For the top, put on another layer of shirt and pants. To keep hands and feet warm, finish up with warm booties, mittens, hats, or jackets. Always keep a pair of extra clothes handy, as you never know when you will need them.

Feeding and Nursing

With a baby, things change rapidly, and you may require any of the following, depending on their age and feeding habits


We recommend always traveling with two baby bottles for your baby rather than a full-sized bottle, maybe even a portable bottle warmer would be a good idea, if you got room for it. Moreover, if you are breastfeeding, pack an additional water bottle or thermos to stay hydrated. Finally, remember to fill an empty bottle at a water fountain or buy something to drink once you get through security if you’re flying.

Bottle Brush

Bottlebrush is equally important to bottle as you will need it every time you have used the bottle. Hence, keep it along with your baby bottle.

Dish Soap

Parents mainly forget to bring dish soap! There’s no need to bring your own if you’re staying at an Airbnb (unless you’re picky about what you use). However, if you’re staying in a hotel, you need to have it on a family travel trip.

Breastfeeding Cover

If you’re traveling, there’s a strong chance you won’t have much privacy for nursing, and at the absolute least, a cover-up can help young ones fall asleep in crowded areas as well. Hence, if the baby is on breast milk, a breastfeeding cover is a must.

Breast Pump

It might be a hassle to carry around for sure, but in case you are going to need it.

Baby Food

Bring only as much baby food as you’ll need for the trip if your kid has begun consuming solids. Because, once you are at your destination, you may always buy more. (Exception: If you’re traveling overseas or to a location where you might have trouble finding what you need, packing a complete supply of food may be less of a hassle.)


Once the baby starts eating solids, keeping a bib becomes essential as it covers most of her clothes. Choose to bring one with a plastic or waterproof covering (so it might be easy to clear), and it can also be folded or coiled for convenient packing.

Formula Dispenser

It’s highly advisable to bring powder formulas with you, rather than depending on food stockpiles if your baby is on a formula-fed diet. Because you can quickly brew them and feed your baby before the next journey, don’t forget to bring a formula dispenser as well. You may always ask for hot water on a plane.

Ziplock bags

At the airport and on the plane, fill Ziploc bags with ice packs to keep food and milk chilled.

Packing cubes

If you’ve ever rummaged through a piece of luggage looking for a single clean baby glove or sweater while your entire family is waiting for you downstairs, at that time, you’ll understand why packing cubes are essential! T-shirts and shorts go in one cube, long-sleeved sweaters and slacks go in another, and accessories go in still another. It is quite useful to us in keeping things organized!

Baby Travel Gear for Sleeping

We can’t promise that your baby will sleep while you’re traveling. However, we understand the concerns and challenges that come along with baby sleep and traveling. Therefore, we want you to include these things in your baby traveling list to ensure your baby sleeps comfortably.

Travel Crib

While many hotels and Airbnbs provide pack n’ plays, however, having your own portable crib is the ideal way to provide your child with a comfortable sleeping environment. If you intend to travel a lot during your trip, it’ll be one less thing to worry about. Don’t forget to pack an extra sheet with your crib.


Watching your baby comfortably sleeping is a sign of relief. Hence, always have a set of easy-to-wear, breathable nightwear on hand to ensure your baby’s warm and comfortable sleep. 


We recommend taking your baby’s favorite blanket and additional blankets as well. Even if it’s a hassle to travel with, it’s great for wrapping up a baby on a cold plane or using it as a source of comfort when you’re far away from home. Of course, swaddle blankets are equally important for a baby’s sound sleep.

Gentle Rhymes

Parents know from personal experience that lullabies and calm rhythms can help newborns fall asleep fast. Hence, download goodnight stories and your kid’s night rhymes to give them sound sleep.

White Noise Machine

It’s highly recommended, as you never know how you will deal with lots of noise from traffic, airplanes, and crowds.

Baby’s Entertainment

You might be dozing through your travel, but your baby will quickly become bored! A kid needs to be entertained all the time. Here, we have shortlisted some items that will help keep your kid engaged throughout your journey.

Favorite Toy

Babies are in a relationship with their favorite soft toy or rattle. So it’s pretty good to carry them to keep them calm and engaged.


Your kid may not always be starving, but a pacifier may help keep things under control.

Teething Ring

If your child is under chewing and teething phase, have a teething ring available to help him resist the urge to bite everything he gets. 

A book

Carry a lovely illustrated book with you so the baby may peek at something enjoyable and engaging throughout the trip.

Baby’s video

Download your baby’s favorite rhyme as well as videos to keep them engaged whenever they get bored. We recommend getting baby earphones as well, so others don’t have to worry while they are enjoying themselves.

Diaper backpack

Traveling with a baby and without diapers sounds impossible, right! Hence, we know you will never forget it. However, here, we recommend having these things along with your diaper bag.


Take more than enough diapers but do not overload your luggage with diapers as they will be easily available. For traveling, disposable diapers are more convenient. You can count like a diaper for every hour if the baby is one or two months younger. Kids who are older than three months usually need one diaper every two hours. 


You will need a large packet of diaper wipes. We recommend antibacterial wipes. Moreover, it is wise to carry pocket wipes as well.

Diaper Rash Cream

There are 99% chances of getting diaper rashes for your baby because of the long interval between diaper changes. Hence, a diaper rash cream is essential to make sure your baby is hale and hearty every time.

Plastic bags

Bring a variety of plastic bags to keep dirty clothes and soiled diapers. 

Old Newspapers

When throwing things out or feeding a baby, old newspapers could come to your rescue. Hence, keep them handy.

Bathing supplies

Baby shampoo, soap, powder, cream lotion, etc. 2 to 3 towels

Inflatable Tub

For a new place, an inflatable tub is quite advisable as it is very helpful in bathing.


You can carry a swimsuit and enjoy a good time together in the pool if your little one is of the right age for it.

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Traveling is a beautiful and new experience for the baby. Hence, we believe the baby should get to enjoy it. Therefore, we wish you to have an amazing family trip or family vacation to create lasting memories by keeping a few things in mind and maintaining hygiene and comfort at all times.

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